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How does OpenPSM® work?

To see how easy and intuitive it is to operate, take a look at the video alongside. OpenPSM® has been designed to help companies ensure that the systems and procedures are fit for purpose before drilling down into the detail to look at what’s happening on site. Simple and straightforward to use, it ensures you’re always in the best place to deliver effective and compliant Process Safety Management.

1. A rule based expert system

A reliable way to assess your PSM systems against recognised good practice guidance.

2. Identify strengths and weaknesses

Desk-based reviews of corporate management systems highlight what needs fixing – and what’s going well.

3. Supports deep-dive assessments

Allows you to assess operational compliance with corporate management systems, across all sites.

4. Action management plan

Understand what needs to be done and when, what’s a priority and what can wait. Allocate actions for the wider team, that they can update within OpenPSM®.

5. A continuous improvement model

Process Safety Management never sleeps – which is why at the heart of OpenPSM® beats a relentless improvement model.

6. Built-in maturity model

A constant overview of where you are now on your PSM journey and where you need to get to, on your journey to compliant Process Safety Management.

7. Clear reporting and drill-down

From on-site to c-suite, OpenPSM® delivers key stats and information to those who need to know.

8. Simple and sophisticated

OpenPSM® is designed to handle all levels of PSM systems, from single site to complex multi-site operations.

Compare our licenses

OpenPSM® is available in three options – Lite, Standard and with AI functionality. Take a look below to see what is included in each. For costs, please click here to get in touch.

Compare DetailsOpenPSM® LiteOpenPSM®OpenPSM® + AI
Project Management
User dashboard
List views
Calendar views
Number of projectsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Assessments & Audits
PSM System Reviews (corporate standards)
PSM System Reviews (site systems ad procedures)
Deep Dive Audits
Maturity model (current and future states)
Benchmarking (PSM elements and sites)
OpenAI assistantAvailable
Action Management
Full action management
Management Reporting & Documentation
PSM System maturity (interactive graphics)
Action management (interactive graphics)
Action logs (downloadable)
Management reports (downloadable pdfs)Available
Management reports (fillable downloadable pdfs)AvailableAvailable
User accounts administration
Protocol administration (ability to add questions)
Mobile-enabled application (optimised for all device types)
Seamless deployment
App styling and localisationAvailableAvailable
Email notifications500 per month
SMS notificationsAvailableAvailable
Security & Compliance
Record level security
Role-based authorisation
Data encryption in transit and at rest
IP-based access control
Enterprise SSO (SAML)AvailableAvailable
Number of users820100
Single site
Multi-site (2-10)
Multi-site ( >10)AvailableAvailable
Consultancy & Support
Technical support
Programme developmentAvailable
Training and supportAvailableAvailableAvailable

Our Platform

OpenPSM® is a modern cloud application for your business. We can help accelerate digital transformation for companies wanting to engage with a real-time, multiplatform product.

With no need for infrastructure, you can access your information simply and easily. Running on AWS and SQL server, our technology stack provides the strict security, performance and compliance required by IT departments across the most demanding global companies and regulated industries.

Our reports go beyond just displaying data. Whether you want to provide interactive search, download data or enable editing privileges, we can customise your reports to your exact requirements.

We can create applications for different languages specific to your region. We support 11 common languages, all international number, current, date and time zone formats.

Security measures are prioritised and enforced throughout each layer of the platform – the cloud infrastructure, the platform architecture and the tools and services we provide to ensure your data is always protected.

If you’re unsure whether your company can confidently demonstrate all the indicators of good hazard leadership, perhaps it’s time to find out more about OpenPSM®. Get in touch today. Call 0161 509 9293 or click the link below.