Create a real time PSM database using OpenPSM®

Our cloud-based software provides a unique framework that allows you to log every aspect of your company’s Process Safety Management programme. At any given time, you will have a live snapshot of key risk controls, strengths and weaknesses, and actions that can be managed using an integrated action management and reporting system.

A built-in maturity model, linked to recognised guidance, ensures your PSM system continually evolves, to provide ever-more effective control over major accident hazards, and a sound basis for benchmarking and reporting on key ESG and Responsible Care issues for your business.


Get expert help on programme design

We can carry out an independent review of the design and implementation of your existing audit programme to identify relative strengths and weaknesses versus internationally recognised good practice guidance. We will consider the audit criteria, audit scope, sampling methods, audit frequencies, team competencies, reporting requirements and follow-up processes employed for the range of operations, hazards, and risks.

We will then work with you to develop a new or revised programme for ongoing systematic assessment of the effectiveness and suitability of your process safety management system, a key requirement under COMAH.


Not sure where to start?

Process Safety Management Systems Auditing can seem an overwhelming task. That’s why we provide a range of training courses designed to take delegates through the key features of an effective process safety management system, the regulatory requirements, relevant standards and guidance, scope and type of audits, programme development, competency requirements for auditors and audit teams, and action management, reporting and review.

Our training has been designed to appeal to leaders, managers and supervisors involved in operations, engineering, maintenance, EHS, and process safety, as well as those from wider support functions.

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OpenPSM is a simple SaaS product, built around internationally recognised good practice guidance

OpenPSM allows operators to easily review and manage their own PSM programmes. OpenPSM has been designed to help companies ensure that the systems and procedures are fit for purpose before drilling down into the detail to look at what’s happening on site. Using a structured approach, it enables users to assess their management systems against best practice guidance, then conduct deep dive audits, to see how well site behaviour reflects that intended within the systems.


Create a real time PSM database

OpenPSM helps embed key aspects of good major hazard leadership within the culture of your business. Relevant staff will undertake audits which build the big picture, so the team are actively responsible for safety in their respective workplaces. Peer reviews allow comparisons between sites to share learnings. OpenPSM also boosts stakeholder understanding of performance against risk-based goalsetting legislation.


Helping you demonstrate commitment to safety

All COMAH sites must have an effective Major Accident Prevention Policy in place. More than that, the policy must be seen to be robust and workable. OpenPSM provides the data required to help you do that. At any given time, you can provide evidence to show underpinning systems and procedures meet corporate and regulatory requirements.


Extra Information

Your questions answered

Boardroom discussions around Process Safety Management

How much does OpenPSM cost?

OpenPSM is designed for in-house use and self-management removing the reliance on costly third party support. We charge a simple annual licence fee. Prices start from £60 per user, per month. You can choose from our different products, including our Lite and AI options. To make your choice, click here.

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Do you offer training and support?

Whilst OpenPSM is intuitive and easy to use, it comes with the option of full staff training and consultancy support. With our onboarding session, via teams or face to face, we’ll get you up and running. We will check in to see how things are going, and ask if you’d like ongoing support.

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Will OpenPSM support COMAH compliance?

Real time data from systems-based reviews and deep dive assessments shows what’s needed to ensure systems, procedures and practice meet continuous improvement goals. A built-in maturity model maps progress to recognised guidance, helping you comply with risk based, goal setting legislation.