Our software

OpenPSM® is a cloud based solution allowing users to evaluate management system design and implementation through structured PSM systems auditing.


There’s a new way to manage your company’s Process Safety Management programme

Process safety management is about people, plant and systems, and what they do in real life. How do we get under the skin of what’s happening on site and is it different to what we think it going on? OpenPSM® has been designed to provide a step-by-step approach to assessment of process safety management programmes, with licenses designed for users dealing with either complex multi-site operations or managing a single location.


A solution for in-house teams to take control of process safety management programme development

OpenPSM® has been designed to help companies ensure that their systems and procedures are fit for purpose before drilling down into the detail to look at what’s happening operationally. Users are presented with a customisable dashboard displaying information on maturity levels, actions for improvement, and the actions still to be addressed for each of the process safety management elements assessed.


A structured, methodical approach rooted in best practice guidance

The standard protocol covers 20 elements with over 840 questions to consider, built around plan do check and act, ensuring a focus on continuous improvement. Questions cannot be edited as they are rooted in guidance but can be added to suit individual users needs – and once added they will be automatically incorporated into PSMS reviews and deep dive audits.


Continuous improvement in process safety will be a reality for users

Using our cloud based software, you can map, benchmark and continuously improve your Process Safety Management system. Do those involved in managing and undertaking critical tasks have the required knowledge, skills and experience? Have they been given task specific training?.

What are the extra benefits of using OpenPSM® for your organisation and your team?

1. Active staff engagement

Across all levels of your organisation, OpenPSM® actively engages staff impacted by safety processes in audits and reviews.

2. Effective peer review

OpenPSM® allows knowledge sharing and data comparison across sites, generating awareness and understanding around hazards and risks.

3. Understanding regulatory insights

By recognising and pre-emptively flagging issues that can lead to regulatory enforcement, OpenPSM® guards against prosecution.

4. Senior level awareness

Business leaders need to show they have attended training to better understand the principles of process safety leadership. OpenPSM® supports this. Plus our customisable dashboard provides key information for senior management at the touch of a button.

5. Promoting a positive culture

OpenPSM® comes with training on how to embed Process Safety Management and promote a positive company-wide safety culture.

6. Investing in competence

OpenPSM® provides the evidence regulators look for to ensure competence training has occurred throughout the PSM programme. Our training capability should also help with some fundamentals around auditing and programme development.

7. Meaningful measures

KPIs around PSM need to be meaningful, useful, and accurate – OpenPSM’s intuitive dashboard puts key metrics at your fingertips.

8. Multi-lingual capability

OpenPSM® can be translated with ease for those with global operations, so information appears in the preferred language of users at each site.

9. Responsive to signals

Thanks to OpenPSM®’s in-built ability to flag problem areas, users are able to show they can comprehend and act upon warning signs.

10. Cost savings

Taking your PSM strategy in-house also massively reduces your dependence on costly third-party support.

If you’re unsure whether your company can confidently demonstrate all the indicators of good hazard leadership, perhaps it’s time to find out more about OpenPSM®. Get in touch today. Call 0161 509 9293 or click the link below.