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OpenPSM® comes with a reassuring level of support and service, to give you help and guidance to get your system up and running and provide any necessary training your team might need.



OpenPSM® has been developed by fully qualified Process Safety Management professionals. When you purchase a licence we will deliver onboarding workshops to help your key stakeholders get the most out of OpenPSM® and develop a better understanding of hazard controls. These workshops can be held on site or via Teams, or a mix, depending on preference.


Programme management support

We’re always on hand to help and support you at any stage of your Process Safety Management journey. From mapping your current state to determine maturity to providing guidance around a deep-dive assessment, we can help. You can count on proven expertise to help you get maximum value from our in-house system.


General PSM training

Besides providing an innovative set of tools to implement your own internal Process Safety Management strategy, we can upskill your team too. Using our years of experience and the latest regulatory insight, our fully qualified team of professionals are well versed in every aspect of Process Safety Management.


Consultancy support

Whether you need support solving an ongoing issue with Process Safety Management or you’d like to customise OpenPSM® to suit your company’s individual needs, we‘re always here to provide bespoke consultancy support.

Our audit programme development process allows clients to select the elements they want based on current understanding and system maturity. See it explained in full.


Review of audit programme – Gap Analysis Report

Process safety management systems auditing provides significant value to industries that deal with hazardous materials, complex operations, and critical processes. Its primary purpose is to assess and improve the effectiveness of safety management systems, procedures, and practices within an organisation.

Using OpenPSM®’s standard protocol for auditing of process safety management systems, one of 20 elements available within the OpenPSM® database, we can review the design and implementation of your existing auditing programme to determine where it meets, partially meets, or fails to meet requirements set out in internationally recognised good practice guidance. The resulting Gap Analysis Report – a critique and improvement plan for your Process Safety Management Systems Auditing Process – is a stand-alone report that can be used by you, with or without our ongoing support, to establish requirements for further training and refinement of your existing auditing processes.


Audit awareness training

Our awareness training will take delegates through the key features of an effective process safety management system, regulatory requirements, relevant standards and guidance, scope and type of audits, programme development, competency requirements and actions management, reporting and review. This training has been developed for leaders, managers and supervisors involved in operations, engineering, maintenance, EHS, and process safety.

When undertaken as part of an inhouse programme, the training will be tailored to client needs using outputs from the Gap Analysis Report (if available), and other relevant information on site hazards and key risk controls.


Programme design and development

Working closely with client representatives, we can help develop new or revised PSM Systems Audit Programmes for ongoing systematic assessment of the effectiveness and suitability of safety management systems. The development process will consider site operations, hazards, operating regions, and local regulatory requirements in establishing audit criteria, audit scope, audit frequencies, team competencies, reporting requirements and follow-up processes.

Our programmes necessarily employ OpenPSM®, our cloud-based software system for audits, action tracking and management reporting, but this can be adapted to meet specific organisational needs.


In-house training on programme implementation

Having established the Process Safety Management Systems Audit Programme Design, and using relevant information on site operations, hazards and key risk controls, we will work with you to develop and deliver tailored training to support rollout of your new or revised Process Safety Management Systems Audit Programme. This training will be aimed at all those contributing to delivery of a successful programme and will necessarily include leaders, managers and supervisors involved in operations, engineering, maintenance, EHS, and process safety, as well as other relevant support functions.


Audit programme implementation

PSM systems auditing starts with examination of the process safety management system (PSMS) design to ensure it is fit for purpose through PSMS Review before evaluating the quality and degree of implementation through Deep Dive Audits. Both are necessary as a sound system may be undermined by poor implementation.

Using OpenPSM® we can get you up and running in a matter of days and can adapt displays and reports to suit evolving needs. We can also provide ongoing support and regular check-ins, and assist in management reviews to help ensure programmes stay on track, to deliver ongoing sustainable improvements in process safety performance.

If you’re unsure whether your company can confidently demonstrate all the indicators of good hazard leadership, perhaps it’s time to find out more about OpenPSM®. Get in touch today. Call 0161 509 9293 or click the link below.