About us

A fresh approach to Process Safety Management

OpenPSM was created to help companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries comply with complex regulatory criteria, by delivering a systematic approach to Process Safety Management improvement. This approach is reflected in both our proprietary software solution and our associated training and consultancy services, which we have created so we can help every step of the way.

We’re passionate about Process Safety Management!

We follow a process that customers can buy into at any point – to get the support and help, as and when they need it.  We provide a number of services that will seek to evaluate, educate, and develop and maintain the right programme for a given client, taking into account the requirements of the business and tailoring our work accordingly.  Help may be required to enhance an existing process safety management system, rather than recreate it.  Or you may just need help getting the software set up. In short we want to get you up and running, and self sufficient, as quickly as possible.

Our exclusive software solution can work for complex multi-site organisations through to single site operators.  Setting up the audit programme requires choices to be made that will be organisation and location dependent, and there is no one size fits all, but it is important to clearly define the programme objectives and establish a consistent approach to ensure continued progression towards desired outcomes.

Our OpenPSM® software offering keeps the programme front of mind and visible to all stakeholders by providing the following…


A single live data hub

With all the data relating to Process Safety Management accessible in one place, you no longer need ‘snapshot’ third-party status reports.


A holistic view

You have a 360 view of your management systems, so you’re able to continually monitor and manage the impact and effect of any changes made.


A built-in maturity model

Rather than rely on arbitrary scoring, you can get where you need to with a fully integrated maturity model linked to published guidance.


Management system reviews and deep dive assessments

These essential tasks can be carried out in manageable bite-sized chunks, making progress much more achievable.


Your company’s own living database

Real-time information enables comprehensive action management across all areas of responsibility in the business.


Improving process safety culture

Using OpenPSM® reduces your dependence on costly third-party support but more importantly places the emphasis on the internal team, developing a stronger process safety management culture.

If you’re unsure whether your company can confidently demonstrate all the indicators of good hazard leadership, perhaps it’s time to find out more about OpenPSM®. Get in touch today. Call 0161 509 9293 or click the link below.